You have probably seen both fiberglass mesh and paper drywall tape on the home improvement store near you. If you still don’t know how they vary, we will be pointing out three factors to help you understand their differences. Here are the following: 


Paper tapes require to be set in a joint compound layer. While, mesh drywall tapes have tacky backings, which enables them to be stuck to the wall by themselves. This indicates that the mesh tape is simpler to use and handy for those people who are not quite skilled in installing on a wall’s flat length.  

Nearly all paper tapes are comprised of a factory fold in the center as well. This enables the installer to form a right angle through folding it in half, which makes these tapes very simple to conceal outside or inside corners. You can also fold mesh tapes, however—if it is done by hand—it is simpler to locate the center. If you would like to utilize mesh tapes on corners, you can utilize an especially made mesh tape corner applicator and immediately spray it using a setting compound. It is guaranteed that a paper tape, which is metal-reinforced, makes the installation of an extremely sturdy corner way much easier.  

Flexibility and strength 

If you grasp both tapes in your hand, you may believe that they have the same bending levels. However, after the paper is embedded in mud, it firms up dramatically similar to a paper-mache. This extra strength is one of the reasons why a paper tape is particularly a great option for butt joints. If you opt using mesh tape, instead of applying the standard joint compound, you should rather utilize a setting mud since it provides extra strength and dries firmer. 


Compared to paper tape, the mesh tape is more resistant to mold since it is fiberglass. Because of this, it is the best option for backsplashes, bathrooms, or any areas that could be prone to water. Moreover, you should not forget to utilize a fiberglass tape that’s approved once you prepare a backer board for a tile installation.  

To conclude, a paper drywall tape is more versatile and a bit stronger compared to a mesh tape. However, mesh tapes have better resistance to moisture and a more flexible learning curve. Ultimately, the comparison will be based on a user’s personal preference. Hence, you are free to utilize the tape that you are most comfortable using.  

If ever you have any damage to your drywall, it is best if you seek professional help from the experts. At times, the damage could lead to an even more serious problem once it is not properly fixed. If you also want some assistance for the installation of your drywall or drywall repair Reno, our professional contractors will be pleased to help you with any projects. You can also contact us for a free consultation and check out our other services when it comes to drywall services.