Public Transit Solutions

     We design and build fully integrated fleet management and communication systems for advanced public transit operations.  Our ENV-LT Systems increase the efficiency, safety, and quality of Public Transit service by promoting public acceptance, stimulating increased ridership and support for environmental protection with ever-increasing mobility needs for modern municipalities.

     Knowing that our customers could own and use their systems for more than 10 years, service is an important element of our offering.  We support the ENV System owners when they have questions about their systems, updating and/or upgrading their software and components, diagnosing errors, training their staff, and a lot more.

     By request and currently under development is a 4-camera DVR system with 120fps ability, able to record directly to the internal hard drive.  Or use the external drive case and add more storage with easy removal for downloading.  For more detail check the Logistic page.

Products may vary from pictures